What is Fair Trade Tea?                                                                           

A message from one of our Tea Suppliers:

"As a direct importer, we are proud of our participation as a market leader in Fair Trade Tea. This is an incredible opportunity for us, as we have been following fair trade practices since the begining of the company's creation. During this time we have managed to dramatically increase our volume of fair trade ingredients on an annual basis that are currently used in the teas we produce and sell such as our Fair Trade Certified Organic Chai Tea

This is an continuous progression for us as we are determined to make sure that every one of their ingredients are sourced from sustainable fair trade practices. We are unique in that we are also hands on in the process of assisting several tea estates from around the world become fair trade certified.

Here are just a few reasons why fair trade practices are so important:

~ Fair trade practices help producers in under-developed countries have greater opportunities to acquire the resources they need to improve their livelihood

~ Sustainable development protects against land loss by promoting environmentally friendly processes which in turn creates a healthy working environment for producers and their families

~ Fair trade practices also promote fair wages for workers, build schools and hospitals, create cultural centers, promote gender equality and fights against child labor in tea producing areas."