Premium Organic Loose Leaf Teas from Mother Earth

TERRA TEAS Organic offers the finest premium Loose Leaf Teas and herbs grown on Mother Earth.   

Our premium selection of teas come to you from around the globe -- Canada, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Thailand, China, Japan, South America and more.  

We offer a large selection of organic Black, Green, Rooibos, Herbal & Fruit, White, Oolong and Estate teas.  

Our teas are high in antioxidents, natural & certified organic - no pesticides, no chemicals or no GMO's, along with being gluten-free, sustainable, Fair Trade & Ethical Partnership certified. Only natural ingredients are used in our tea blends -- no artificial flavours.        

As well, our teas are Vegan and certified Kosher. All products are non GMO.

All of our organic teas are small-batch blended.  Custom blending for your cafe, restaurant or shop is also available.

We have a number of convenient retail size selections that include 50 g, 100 g, 250 g and 500 g package sizes.  We also offer a number of different container options.

Wholesale is our specialty... Teas are available in 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg bulk sizes.  Please contact us for details.

Would you like TERRA TEAS teas at your location?  We can provide a variety of teas for your cafe, restaurant, spas, businesses or offices etc.  

To order our Teas:  

Please use our Online shop or send us an email for any questions, using the 'Contact Us' tab or 

Send us a direct Email at: and we will get back to asap! 

All orders can be paid using eTransfer or Cheque and Square payment coming soon!


Our Credentials & Memberships    

  Certified Organic by PRO CERT CANADA and QMI Organic Inc. Certificate #150 - 2008

      NOP: National Organic Program as specified by the US Department of Agriculture

      Canadian Organic as specified by CFIA

      EU:  EEC 2092 as specified by the European Union

      USDA Organic

        Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO)

      Kosher: Certified Kosher & Pareve by Earth Kosher, Toronto & Montreal Kosher

      Fair Trade Certified

      ETP: Ethical Tea Partnership

      Rainforest Alliance Certified & Verified

      GMO Free     


Our suppliers are active members of the Ethical Tea Partnership and pride themselves on leaving a small environmental footprint.  Fair Treatment has been their mandate for almost 30 years.  As part of this mandate, they do business with estates and suppliers that are Fair Trade certified wherever possible.  

Zero tolerance for Child Labour -- strict care is taken to ensure our teas come from estates and companies that do not employ children at any stage of the tea production process. 


Organic tea is grown...
  •  on protected land using NO synthetic fertilizer or pesticides 
  •  on lands that have environmental integrity including the lands surrounding the gardens
  •  with minimal pollution and optimized biological productivity 
  •  with replenishment and maintenance of garden soil fertility
  •  with the promotion of biodiversity in & around the tea gardens - this includes working to protect natural         wildlife habitats  


 Hamilton, Ontario | 289.674.1144